62H Series High Temperature Paint

Proven paint solutions with Stove Bright 62H Series High Temperature Paint

Rapid Air Dry Solvent Based High Temperature (650°C) Coating

Stove Bright® 62H Series high temperature resistant (650°C) rapid air dry solvent based coating is the proven paint solution for many manufacturers around the world.  It is a high heat coating formulated with a unique blend of heat resistant pigments in a silicone polymer resin.  The 62H Series paint provides excellent color retention and film integrity in working temperatures up to 650oC  (1200oF). This coating is designed for rapid air dry and good working properties over most ferrous and properly prepared non-ferrous metal surfaces. Ideal for wood stoves, pellet stoves, gas stoves, stove pipes, heaters, mufflers, engines, engine manifolds, and other metal surfaces subject to high temperatures.

Constant agitation during application is recommended for all high temperature coatings to ensure the best finish.  Application to a dry film thickness of about 1.2 mils results in excellent coating performance at high temperatures.  Forrest Paint Co. delivers the technical support to our customers to ensure the best results from our coatings through experienced application specialist and a staff of chemists.

Technical Data Sheet for 51H-53H and 62H Series