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Stove Bright Europe


Stove Bright® products are available from 12 worldwide Warehouses in Europe, England, China, Australia, New Zealand, as well as throughout Canada and the US.

Our high temperature products include:

Forrest Paint Co. was established in 1973 in Eugene, Oregon, USA. We are the worldwide leader in coatings for a wide range of temperature resistance needs, including products that perform at peak temperatures in excess of 600°C.  Forrest Paint Co. liquid and powder finishes meet most companies’ requirements around the world. Forrest Paint Co

Forrest Paint Co. has delivered quality products to manufacturers for more than 30 years.  Our laboratory provides quality control along with dynamic research and development. We work closely with our customers to match individual coating performance and application requirements with coating solutions for the best finish.  Consistency and innovation drive Forrest Paint Co. to provide excellent core products, as well as, promote new specialized goods.